Set-up automation - Use Keap invoices to create Shopify sales

  • 22 September 2021
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Hey there!

I’m looking for a Zapier Expert to help setup an automation between Keap and Shopify.

The goal is for when an invoice is paid for, that Zapier creates an automation to automatically generate a new sale on Shopify whilst linking tax-free and tax-inclusive products.

I’ve tried it myself, but have challenges setting it up correctly.


Any help would be great!

5 replies

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Hey There,


Great question! I have helped a few customers with automation between Keap and Shopify as have many of the other experts, checkout to arrange one of us to help you.



Hey Andy! 

How can I get a quote from you? :)

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I have sent you a message with my zapier expert link so you can book a call and arrange a quote:)

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Hi @MBF , I have experience building automation with Shopify and KEAP. If you are still looking for help, i would like to connect with you,

Hey Jack :)

How can I organise a quote?