Set up a payment page that handles different product skus, multiple users and specific tax information

  • 5 February 2021
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I  have tried to implement this with Teachable for one European country but it fails miserably and i need to redesign the course payment page and options for a B2B particularly small companies way. 

I am looking for a combination of apps and zaps that could give me this specific outcome. 


OUTCOME: A small company wants to buy one or multiple courses for their affiliates on my teachable school/and or my CLICK FUNNEL. 


  1. The school needs to have all this perks :

    it needs to receive a receipts with the school VAT number, name and address for the total amount paid and for each or the courses bought. ---→ this is currently not easy or not possible in Teachable Europe as the combine together the buyer and the course attendee into one single persona. 

  2. The company needs to enroll one or more affiliates to the course but they do not want to have the billing information and billing persona the same as the actual enrolled students. 

  3. The students will receive professional credits, to that extend we need to collects 4 things, student name, student email, student country social security number, student city of affiliation. Obviously teachable does not even collet one of this for foreign non USA countries right now.  

  4. This is very important to use, the first student costs to the company EU440 however every subsequent student will cost EU 80 , so in teachable this is not possible to do automatically typically you would have to create a discount and redirect the buyer to the discount page , this is good only when the company decides to add people to a second time but it is not good if they have a clear idea of how many company employees they want to enroll. 

  5. Least but not last, the current Zapier integration to teachable does not allow to set a time in which the student is enrolled to the course and for this specific program the time is 6 months from the purchase time.

  6. If the buyer is a company no VAT tax is to be applied to the transition and that complication is taken care of. I am thinking to divert all private buyers to the teachable payment as in that case they handle the use case well, but for companies it is a night mare. 

    Is there a way this can be done with a combination of zapier, clickfunnell, some other app and teachable?

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Hi @Paolon ,

Thanks for reaching out- interesting workflow!

Tagging in a few of our Zapier Experts to see if they have worked on any similar workflows to this- @GetUWired @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu @andywingrave - can y’all offer any insight into the above? Thanks in advance!