Seamless.AI to Zoho Integration Getting too many errors

  • 4 December 2020
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Hi all! I have noticed that when I trigger a task for my Seamless.AI to Zapier Integration, I seem to be getting many errors that stop the action. These errors are due to Error : Invalid data for the field Phone. Detail : expected_data_type phoneI fugured out that this is occuring because Seamless.AI often takes time to populate the phone number and email information on their side, sometimes up to a minute or so. 

So, essentially, this Zap is being triggered too early so the field that should have a phone number in it, instead says “Researching...” and causes an error.

Is there any way to delay the Zap from triggering?

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4 replies

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@jsalser Does Seamless.AI have a Search that is equivelant to the trigger?  If so you could

  1. Add a Dealy after the trigger to allow time for Seamless.AI to populate the phone number and email information on their side
  2. Add a Search to re-read the data using the ID from the trigger.

For example,

Trigger: New contact created. 

Action: Delay 5 minutes

Search: Find contact

Actions: any other steps required for the workflow.


@Mercology Thanks! I’ll take a look at that!

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Hi @jsalser!

Just checking in with you to see if you’d managed to get things working using the suggestion above (or in some other way), or whether you could still use some help here. Please let us know :)

@nicksimard thanks for checking in... But tbh we scratched this project. It was too problem ridden and glitch. Figured out that issue was not with zapier, but rather with seamless.