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Scheduling a task to find matching rows in a Google sheet

  • 8 November 2023
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I could use some help on this Zap idea. 


I have a spreadsheet that doesn’t change very often. It has data where one of the columns is a date. Every day, I’d like to run a Scheduled task in Zap which processes this sheet and finds all the rows whose date matches the date of the scheduled task (or maybe some algorithm, like whose date matches 1 week after the current scheduled task run). Then for each matching row, I’d like to trigger an action. 


For instance, imagine a spreadsheet with a set of people and their birthday’s. Every day, I want to look up and see who’s birthday is one week from today and take an action like SMS me a reminder. 




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4 replies

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Hi @peterp 

Good question.

Try this trigger: Schedule - Daily

You can add a this Zap action: Formatter > Date & Time > Add/Subtract Time

Try adding the Zap action: GSheets - Lookup Row(s)

You should add a Filter step to continue only if there are rows returned.

You can use the Looping app to iterate each row.

Thanks for your quick reply! Ah, so if I understand correctly, I’m doing my logic in the Formatter to create a new date and then trying to match exactly via the Lookup Rows. Does Lookup Rows have any limit to the number of rows it will return?

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See screenshot for more details.


ok, thank you!