saving Multiple emails from Gmail to Google Drive without doing one by one

  • 13 March 2023
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I have many emails in sublables in gmail that I want to save to google drive for someone to review them, How can i upload or connect all emails in folders to google drive without having to save one by one.

3 replies

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Hi @Isa_Dyl10004 

Good question.

Are you trying to save each as a PDF?

If yes, then the Gmail Zap triggers don’t provide a file version of the email, so you’ll have to use a specific action to create a file from the pieces of the email. (e.g. Timestamp, To, From, Subject, Body, etc.)


Also, most Zap triggers/actions work on a per record basis, meaning only 1 record’s data.

Zaps work while turned ON for new/changed data going forward.



I am trying to save multiple emails in a specific label to be shared with someone who can review them and download the Audio recordings that come in the email

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Perhaps try using another Label that is added after the Zap has been configured.