Salesforce “Could not create record of the “Task” object: We're not able to use this object type” error

  • 19 October 2021
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Hi everybody,


This is my first post on this forum and I hope I will lucky and find the help that I need :grin:


I’m trying to build a pretty simple task in the idea but I fail to find the object to create in my target app.

My task is the following :

Every month create a custom task in an account in Salesforce.

This custom task is like to log a call (same place and same sort of action) in the activity panel but i don’t find the right object to use for this purpose. There is a bench of objects and the only one who seems to be the right is Task but it return the following error :


So my answer is :

What is the object to use to create or update a record that is a custom task?

Is it Task and in this case I need to contact the support or is it an other?


Thanks for those who will read me and for your feedback.



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2 replies

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Try opening a ticket with Zapier Support about this issue:


Wondering if it’s related to Deduplication Rules in Salesforce or other Salesforce Settings.

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Hey @Rodrigue,

Thanks for reaching out about this and welcome to the Community! :)

It should be possible to update task objects using the Create Record or Update Record Salesforce actions. It can sometimes be caused by the deduplication settings in Salesforce as Troy mentioned. But I’ve also seen this sort of error in the past when there are extra fields present on the step being tested.

In which case removing the extra fields will get rid of the error. You can find out more about extra fields and how to remove them here: Why is there a section called “Extra Fields” on my Zap action?

That said, if there aren’t any extra fields on the step then it may be best to reach out to our Support Team. They’ll be able to inspect the error logs for the Zap to get further details as to what is causing that error. 

Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on!