Remotely run MemberPress and WooCommerce (subscription) integration

  • 21 November 2023
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I am trying to add subscription paywall for a newspaper and would like to find a way to handle Woocommerce and Membepress separately. The structure will be
- Woocommerce:
- Membership:

The reason to separate membership and payment are following
- Apply it to other websites within multisite (like
- Handle all payments in one website
- Loading performance, given Woocommerce's issues.

I have tried to find any relevant information on your webpage, but can't find one. Can you please help me if it is possible with your plugin?

Best regards,

6 replies

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Hi @Keith64 

Good question.

Check out the available Zap triggers/actions for each app:

Yup the triggers are indeed available, but wonder if it can be done while they are installed to two different domains

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Did you review the available help articles for each Zap app?

Well I can’t find how to send payment information from woo to memberpress. The 6 options for woo are all for emails and backups. there has to be some sort of ‘call’ action that can be sent to other plugins to different domain.

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WooCommerce has these available Zap triggers.

Otherwise, you may have to look into using WooCommerce webhooks:


Hi @Keith64,

This should be possible to achieve as long as you have MemberPress connected with Zapier on your Members site, and WooCommerce connected with Zapier on your Payments site.

You’ll want to make sure the Members and Payments site are in the same multisite network so that user data is shared between them, and that in WooCommerce you’re allowing the option to create user accounts during checkout as MemberPress will need a user to work with when you want to assign them a membership.

To listen for a new order in WooCommerce, you can use the “Order Paid” trigger in your Zap and this run anytime that an order is created and has been processed successfully by the payment gateway:

To grant the member access to their membership on the Members site, you can use the “Create Transaction” action in the MemberPress Zapier app and set the “Member” field to the ID of the user created by WooCommerce in WordPress and the “Membership” field to the ID of the membership you want the member to be given access to on the Memberships page on your Members site (Wp-Admin → MemberPress → Memberships).

When testing the action on Step 2, this will grant the member lifetime access to the membership you’ve specified on the Members site but if you’re needing them to expire after a certain date you can change the “Expires At” field in the “Create Transaction” action. You’ll just need to ensure that it follows the datetime format (2024-01-01 00:00:00 for example).

The transactions created in MemberPress control what membership a member has access to and how long they have access for, so once that transaction expires they’ll lose membership access on your Members site.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,