Refresh Shopify order after trigger to retrieve tags

  • 10 March 2021
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I have an app in Shopify to tag my orders (based on stock information for ex.)

I have a trigger in Zapier to retrieve my new shopify orders. And sometimes it gets my order before the tags are available.

So I’d like to do something like that :

  • Get shopify new order
  • Wait 1 min
  • Refresh my shopify order data
  • Send an email … or whatever

If there any possibility to do that?

Or to delay the moment zapier will retrieve my shopify orders ?

Thank you

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3 replies

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Hi @MartinSlean 

These are the only available Shopify Search steps available at the moment.


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Hi @MartinSlean!


You could try using the Updated Order trigger, then a Filter to only proceed the Zap when the update you make in Shopify meets your Filter condition. Read more about Filters here:

Hope that helps! 

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Hey @MartinSlean, were you were able to get it working by using an Updated Order trigger with a filterinstead? Let us know!