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Recheck Lead Status After a Delay

  • 11 May 2020
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Hi there everyone,


I created a Zap to connect Hubspot CRM and Slybroadcast.


In Hubspot I have an Automation that will send non-responsive clients an email every 3 days for a maximum of 3 emails. In Hubspot, when a person responds to this email, they are removed from future automatic emails.

I set up a Zap that checks to see if a client is “In an automated Sequence” and sends a Voicemail via Slybroadcast right after the email is sent. Ideally the voicemails will be send only if the email is sent.

The issue I am having is that Zapier can pull in clients when they are in the sequence, but it won’t check if they are later removed.

My Zapier Zap has the same schedule as the Hubspot Automation, 1 email every 3 days over 9 days.

Before the Zap triggers I want to recheck if the client is enrolled in automatic emails. Only if  they are enrolled, should the Zap send the Voicemail.

Any help here is greatly appreciated!


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What trigger are you using to send the voicemail? Based on my quick reading, the “new email event” would only fire when hubspot sends an email, which you can then follow up with your voicemail.

The trigger event is “New Contact in List” and the list contains all clients who are enrolled in auto emails.

The new email trigger event is not passing tests and it throwing this error:

We couldn’t find an email event

Create a new email event in your    HubSpot Hub: 1234567 account and test your trigger again.

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Hey @JonathanMBS 

One thing to try with the “New Email Event” trigger is to have Zapier look again - at which point you’ll have 3 minutes of it looking. While it’s doing that, go find a way to make Hubspot trigger an email. That, in turn, should get picked up by Zapier.

Thanks Andrew for the ideas,

I found the issue with my initial logic.

In Hubspot, you can send emails many different ways.

A “New Email Event” is only triggered when you send an email via the Marketing tab.

The marketing tab is more focused to sending out decorated email newsletters rather than personal communication.

My automatic emails sent via Hubspot automations do not trigger the “New Email Event” so I’ll need to find a different trigger.

Any ideas on what a better trigger could be?

I think I found a good solution using Hubspot lists.

The Zapier trigger is “New Contact in List”

The list is set to include people who:

“Are enrolled in automatic emails” AND “were contacted less than 1 day ago”.

This means that people will be added to the list the day they get an automated email, and removed a day after they get an email.

This should send the voicemail and email at roughly the same time.



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Glad you worked it out @JonathanMBS - let us know if you have any more problems.