Received a Send Data (error) but don't know what is wrong

  • 17 August 2020
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I’m testing a new form and received this error: 

The record could not be sent to Salesforce.

Guardian_Care_Givers__c is too long, should only be a maximum of 18 characters.

Guardian_Care_Givers__c is the SalesForce API name. Is the problem that the field name is too long for Zapier?  If so, then do I need to work with the SalesForce team to rename it to something less than 18 characters?  

I don’t think this is related to the data in my test run, I typed the data into Salesforce and it wasn’t too long to be accepted. 

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4 replies

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That’s very odd - I’ve never seen that before - The key shouldn’t be affecting this behaviour. 

Are you 100% sure it’s the key that’s causing this issue and not the value? 

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It had nothing to do with the length of the field.  That field was a look-up field, so when I populated it for one test, the data didn’t change for subsequent submissions.

I think I could make it work in Zapier with another look up but our volume is so low, it’s easy enough to just update one field manually. I will investigate adding that to my Zap when I have time. 

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Hi @kbeisly!

I looked into this for you and it appears that the error message is referring to the value that’s in that particular field. Any chance you can test typing something with fewer than 18 characters to see if it works, then go beyond that limit to see if the error re-appears?

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@kbeisly - checking in to see if you were able to get this Zap up and running by giving Nick’s suggestion a go! Let us know if that did the trick!