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Phone number wont integrate from Wordpress/Modern Events Calendar

I am not able to add phone number field so i can Zap a phone number to Text P2P


Best answer by jesse 24 May 2022, 22:37

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Hi there @DrillZ 2 SkillZ - I’m happy to explore what may be happening here. Can you give us a bit more detail about what you’re looking at? There is SMS by Zapier, but I’m thinking that you may be getting stuck earlier in the process. If you can show us a bit of your Zap, I’m positive I can find some folks who will be able to help 😃

I’m trying to add a booking number field here for example. The app I want to zap into requires a phone number, but Zapier is not asking for a number

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@DrillZ 2 SkillZ thank you for elaborating on what you’re looking to do! It sounds like you might be utilizing the “New Booking” trigger and that you’re needing a phone number field from the booking to come across to the Zap so that you’re able to utilize it in a subsequent step. 

If you’re pulling sample data in the trigger step from bookings that you’re sure were made with a phone number and they are still not coming across, then I would recommend reaching out to our support team, which it looks like you did today. They can double check to make sure this isn’t a bug and then submit a feature request on your behalf if need be.

Keep us posted on the outcome! We’ll be following along as well. 

im not needing an email address field just for phone number for example



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@DrillZ 2 SkillZ my apologies! I meant to type “phone number”. Just edited my reply to be correct now. 

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Hey there, @DrillZ 2 SkillZ! I just wanted to pop in and see if Jesse’s recommendation helped get ya on the right track. Let us know! 🤗

Hey christina, jesse suggestion did not work for me

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Ah, I’m so sorry to hear that! I just realized Jesse had pointed ya towards support if their tips didn’t do the trick, which I can see you did. Clearly you’re better at following directions then I am at reading! 🙈

Support did respond with another request though which I’ll pop below:

Can you send over a full-window screenshot from Modern events calendar showing the event we see in the screenshot?

Please make sure to include everything you're seeing, including the URL of the page you're on, timestamps, and any uniquely identifiable information.
This will help me gain more context on the issue and see what the fields look like in the Modern events calendar UI. 
I'll be keeping an eye out for your reply and we'll go from there.


I’d recommend continuing to follow up our support team from here! They should be able to dig into this a bit for you. 😊