New Labelled Email or New Thread in Gmail

  • 19 October 2021
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I want to send some selected email to Trello from Gmail. I initially tried “newly labeled email”, but got multiple messages. Per your documentation, I switched to “new thread” and got want I need. However couldn’t check my emails each hour!

Does it have a other way to manually triggered the event without this short window of time but without sending more than one copy?



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5 replies

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Hi @Mel-T 

Not all my emails are triggering my Zap

Each Gmail trigger has a specific length of time in the past that it can "see" emails in your Gmail account.
If the email in question is older than the time limit, the trigger won't be able to detect that email.

These limits are as follows:

  • New Labeled Email - Unlimited
  • New Starred Email - 2 days
  • New Email - 1 hour
  • New Email Matching Search - 1 hour
  • New Thread - 1 hour
  • New Attachment - 1 hour

Please note that if you would like to trigger a Zap for starred emails that entered your inbox more than two days ago, you can use the New Labeled Email trigger and specify the STARRED label from the dropdown when setting up your Zap.

Yeah, I know that. I’m wondering if it have a way to label some choose emails, but not having to do within 1 hour, since I will miss so much that it defeat the purpose of using an automation. There no way to limit to first action from “new labeled email” trigger?

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New Labeled Emails don’t have a lookback window to trigger Zaps.


There no way to limit to first action from “new labeled email” trigger?

Can you please further clarify this with specific examples?

sorry for my not clear wording.

I meant to limit the “new labeled email” to trigger only 1 time.

Today I tried “new starred email” since it have a 2 days window, better to not miss emails and is unique (trigger only once). However I loose the granularity (I want to send some email to a certain trello table and some emails to another trello table).

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THOUGHT: You could use the New Starred Email followed by a Filter to check which Labels then route accordingly.