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New entry inserting above header in Google Sheets

  • 18 January 2022
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Morning all

First time posting. 

All of a sudden the Log i had coming from GoCanvas with data has started to push the description header down the page. Im the only person who uses Zapier in the company and i havent logged on in weeks as everything has been going great. Now the new entry goes above the row and pushes it further down. Ive tried freezing the row and it still moved. Can somebody please help advise what is going on. 

The sheet is pretty much locked as i need everything in this order otherwise the upload to our TMS will not work.

Anybodys help is very much appreciated


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 18 January 2022, 17:03

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5 replies

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Please clarify what apps you are using in your Zap.

Perhaps provide screenshots.

using GoCanvas to move data from tablet to google sheet. Its the weirdest thing as explained ive not touched anything in zapier for weeks if not months….every time a new entry comes in the row of headers gets knocked down 1 row. Thanks for reply btw. it is appreciated


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There needs to be data in column A


How to set up your Google spreadsheet to work with Zapier

We recommend all your columns have text in the header/top row, but you must have text in the first column header, especially if you are using the Create Spreadsheet Row action.
Without any text there, the Zap will send your data to the top of the sheet rather than to the bottom.

This is weird as its designed specifically like this as we upload it into our TMS and it populates that column. however this log sheet has been running for since dec 14h and no issues at all. started this morning so the push down hasnt happened before today

ah haaaaaa now i see what happened.  column 1 row 1 had no info. there wasa word in there but somebody deleted it. thank you for pointing it out. thought i was going nuts