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New Chat Message in Microsoft Teams - can you set it up to work in multiple channels?

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Thanks for this.


I’m looking at an auto responder in Teams chat that turns on at my end of work day that reminds people that I have a life outside of the office. 

There are a few people that message me even though I remind them I have finished for the day.

Is there a way to achieve this?


Hi there Scott! It looks like our blog mentions on how to create an auto-responder for when you’re mentioned. How are your coworkers reaching you when you are receiving these messages? Are they DM-ing you? I think our guide to create an auto-responder works when/if your username is mentioned only. Let us know and we’ll see if there’s a solution on how to help handle this!




Thank you for the great guide

I’m trying to create a similar zap but to send an auto reply whenever a user DM’s me on Teams. I use the “New Chat Message in Microsoft Teams” trigger for that. The problem is I have to choose a specific chat in the set up trigger step. Is there a way to make this work for all chats without the need to clone the same zap for each and every user who’s DM-ing me?

Thanks for help!


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Hi @Glonir!

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to set the New Chat Message trigger to work for across all Chats. We do have a feature request for that addition to the Microsoft Teams integration and I've added your email address as another vote for this addition. I don't have an ETA of when or if this will happen, but we will definitely email you if it does become a reality. 

I am also looking for the same, as all of our end users are contacting me through teams where in they can login tickets in our support portal so i want to auto reply for all users like directing them to raise support ticket.


Auto reply to any new messages in Teams with custom sentence.

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Hi @Deepak NuCorp 

I’ve added your vote for this feature request, and we’ll notify you via email once there is an update regarding the submission. Thanks!

Also looking for this :)

Also looking for this :)