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New Case in Salesforce to New Ticket in Zendesk

  • 17 May 2021
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Hello there,

I am searching for a way to push a case from Salesforce “Cases” to Zendesk

Salesforce “Cases” on Account Level: 


Exampe of Fields of Salesforce “Cases”

The integration is only available from zendesk in the other direction. Meaning to push a zen desk ticket into salesforce cases. 

Why do we need it: Whenever there is an Event that requires a Support/Success agent, our Sales Ececutive wants to create a case in Salesforce and push the issue dircktly to Zendesk, that the responsible agent takes over. In the same time he wants to monitor the status of the ticket in Salesforce. 

Does anyone has experiences with it? 

If there there is anyone out there, my second question would be: if it is possible, that a zen desk ticket gets created from salesforce cases, is there a backsync possible from zen to Salesforce? Meaning: once a case has been created in Salesforce. Now I am assuming there is a way that the case is pushed to zen desk. Now when a zendesk agent changes the ticket status to “solved” will that status get synced back to salesforce? Is this possible to do? 


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Hi @Anna-Karina 

This is entirely doable, you just have to build it yourself using Create Zap button.

This would be the workflow:

  1. Trigger: Salesforce > New Record (Set this to trigger on New Case)
  2. Action: Zendesk > New Ticket (Configure your ticket)

Zapier is a one-way sync system. So information only goes from place A to place B. However, you can create two zap, where in first Zap is Salesforce > Zendesk and second would be Zendesk > Salesforce

Excellent, thank you for your message. 

I was just thinking, what happens if I set the 

  1. Trigger: Salesforce > New Record (Set this to trigger on New Case) and the 
  2. Action: Zendesk > New Ticket (Configure your ticket)

without setting up the Zendesk-Salesforce zap. Could I just use the sync form zen to salesforce? I am curious if there would be duplicates back in Salesforce.  


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Hey @Anna-Karina, hope you’re doing well!

Can you provide a bit more information on the sync from Zendesk to Salesforce? Is that part of a native sync between the two apps?

If you’re trying to sync data between two apps you’ll want to be aware of what Zap Loops are and how to avoid them:

If you’re running a zap to perform to send data from Salesforce to Zendesk and then Zendesk is syncing the data back to Salesforce, that could result in a loop if the zap triggers the sync and the sync triggers the zap over and over.

So you would need a way for the zap to know when the new case in Salesforce is created by Zendesk and a filter to stop the loop. We describe how to avoid Zap Loops in the article linked above. :)