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New appointment > new folder with files in google drive and sharing with client

  • 13 October 2020
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I’m looking to automate this process I do manually at the moment:

  1. New appointment in acuity
  2. Make new folder
  3. Copy-paste template files and move them to new folder (it’s important that they are google docs files and stay editable)
  4. Share folder (with files in it) with a client

How could I set it up in Zapier?


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7 replies

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Hi @Marianne,

Try the following sequence:

  1. New appointment trigger for acuity
  2. Create Folder
  3. Change “Add File Sharing Preference” and set to anyone with the link
  4. “Copy File” for all the required documents
  5. Share the link created from step 3 to give access to the documents

Let me know if you get stuck on anything!

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Thank you so much!

I’m stuck in copying the files. I can’t seem to choose ones in my drive. It worked once, but I don’t know what happened, I didn’t change any other settings than added a new task to copy second file too, but then all my file choosing options were gone. only these weird code things.


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@Marianne you can use the document id as a custom value to copy files instead of trying to find the name through the dropdown.


I also flagged this to Zapier as the file names not coming in correctly is odd.

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I think there’s something more up there, because I can see only 2 files even when choosing “load more”, but I have a lot more.

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Hi @Marianne!

I’ve been at Zapier for 4.5 years and I can honestly say I’ve never seen the issue you’re reporting. I checked our internal notes and past support tickets and don’t see any mention.

It seems that we'll need to investigate this further, so I'm submitting a request to our Support team on your behalf. They can provide you with the attention you need to resolve this issue in a timely fashion!

So sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this.

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Thank you both!

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Hi @Marianne - I can see that the Support Team have looked into this with you and found that it is a bug with the Google Drive step. 


If someone else is having the same issue, the dropdown field in the Copy File action will only find files created in the last 4 days. If you’re seeing this bug, please get in touch with the Support Team using the Get Help form so they can log you as an affected user.

Thank you!