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mySQL update values

  • 2 November 2022
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Hi there - am new to Zapier but so far very impressed.

I'm trying to take some numerical values from a Formidable form, add them together and then update a row in a mySQL table with that calculated value.

For instance, I have four fields submitted from Formidable (field IDs 50, 53, 52, 51) which will each have a value between 0 and 100.

I want to add those value together arithmetically hence the update value in the attachment. 

Is it possible even for the “update value” field in my Zap to contain arithmetic functions? something like


I’ve tried various things but it’s simply treating it as a string which is producing some odd results when the field I’m trying to update is an int field.

is this possible to do, or am asking the impossible?

Thanks a lot.


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Hi @tkf,

That would be great if you could just do math right in fields, but in this case you’ll need to add a Formatter by Zapier step.

Some setup pictures to help guide you

Let me know how that goes for your or if you need help with anything else!

Thanks so much for responding - appreciate it! I’m one step ahead of you thanks to further exploration with Zapier. I found the formatter by Zapier tool and am pleased to say it works perfectly!


Thanks for the reply :-)