My Klaviyo to Google Ads Zap is generating more tasks than expected

  • 13 April 2022
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Hello -


I am using Zapier to connect Klaviyo to Google Ads for Customer Match. I connected 1 client and 1 list and it takes 3 zaps (one for clicked email, one for completed purchase, one for subscribed to list) generating 3k tasks just over the weekend. I guess I am confused, is it really going to take thousands of tasks (and therefore thousands of dollars) just to maintain one list for one client? I thought I would use Zapier to maintain many lists for many clients but these seems extremely costly the way I have it set up. Am I doing something wrong?


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4 replies

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Hi @alissa 

Good question.

Please provide screenshots with how your Zap steps are ordered and configured for us to have more context, thanks.

Hi @Troy Tessalone  - Thanks so much!


Here are my screen shots from 1 zap. I have 2 more zaps that are exactly the same but the trigger in Klaviyo is “Viewed Product (API)” for one and “Placed Order (eCommerce)” for the other. These 2 triggers plus the one below “Subscribed to List (Internal)” are the 3 actions that make up the single “All customer” list in Klaviyo that I am trying to copy to Google Ads as a Customer List.

Thanks so much for your help!



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You originally mentioned these 3 Zap triggers for Klaviyo:

  1. clicked email
  2. completed purchase
  3. subscribed to list


Then you mentioned these 3 Zap triggers:

  1. Viewed Product (API)
  2. Placed Order (eCommerce)
  3. Subscribed to List (Internal)


Observation: The first in each list do not match.


Guessing the Zap with the trigger Klaviyo Event “Viewed Product (API)” runs the most.


You can see your Task Usage by Zap here:

These Zaps are 2 steps. (trigger + action)

The trigger counts as 0 Tasks, and successful action steps count as 1 Tasks.

If you have high volume of Zap Runs (aka triggered Zaps), then those will use 1 Task per Zap run.

Help article about Tasks:


Maybe it makes sense to periodically, manually export from Klaviyo, then import into GAds instead.

@Troy Tessalone Thank you so much for the info.

I mistyped the original triggers, I was going off of memory. The second list is correct.

I had signed up for the Zapier trial to test out using Zapier for Customer Match (which Google recommends). My trial came with 2,000 tasks and that was used up well before 24 hours.

The Zap with the fewest tasks (Placed Order (eCommerce)) still had 6,113 tasks in a ~60 hour period. These were almost all held held because I reached my trial limit of 2k very quickly.

So it seems like using Zapier for Google Customer Match is just not realistic unless you have extremely tiny customer lists.