Question causing specific Google Sheets copying and cell updating

  • 22 March 2023
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In, when status changes, Copy “Gsheet Template” link adding “Batch Number” to file name, Add link to this new Gsheet to “New Gsheet”, Update 3 specific cells in the Gsheet using data in “Bulk”, “Quantity” and “Batch Number”. 

Is this something Zapier can do?

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Welcome @Patrick Hall, thanks for joining our community!

Yes, that sounds like it would be possible with Zapier. Assuming the bulk, quantity and batch number details are present in the item that triggers the Zap then you could potentially use the following triggers and actions to achieve this:

  • Trigger: Specific Column Value Changed in Board ( - set to trigger when the status column is updated 
  • Action: Create Spreadsheet (Google Sheets) - Has the ability copy an existing spreadsheet so could be used to duplicate the “Gsheet Template”. A batch number could be added by selecting the relevant batch number from the trigger.
  • Action: Create Spreadsheet Row (Google Sheets) - adds relevant values to the Bulk, Quantity and Batch Number fields using details supplied by trigger.

Do you think that approach could work? Or would the Gsheet Template be different every time? In which case you may need an additional action to search for the relevant template to be copied. 

And if I’ve totally misunderstood what you’re hoping to achieve here let me know! 🙂