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ManyChat Zapier Instagram

  • 27 April 2020
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Hi all, I cant find how to make manychat runs the flow to answer direct messages on instagram


Awaiting for your comments, kind regards!


Best answer by Danvers 28 April 2020, 11:02

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6 replies

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Hi @INC, welcome to the Community!


It wont be possible to do this with Zapier because there’s not an Instagram action that allows you to send messages - sorry about that. 


We’re not able to build actions and triggers around direct messages in Instagram because Instagram’s API (the bit of code that allows third party apps to integrate with them) doesn’t allow it. 

Thank you Danvers,

What about whatsapp, that is possible with manychat and zapier?

Thank you for your kind response!

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Sadly, it’s not possible to send Whatsapp messages either.

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@INC Zapier doens't have this integration like said above, but if you need this you can always create some integration / system yourself. It requires a developer / team but could be worth it.

My team and me use programming languages to create online systems that Zapier doesn't provide (like you request above) and integrate these with Zapier.


Let me know if that helps you! If you like any additional support send me a message.



Thank you!


I see various manychat and instagram zapier integration, what they do?

Thank you, foryourit, if you have something to do that things I coment let me know

Thank you all!

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You can check what kind of integrations those apps have on the “Apps” page. For example, on the instagram integration:

Scroll down and you will find the Triggers / Actions it has