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Mailchimp tagging filter

  • 30 October 2020
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I am trying to implement a Zap that creates a Wordpress post whenever a new Mailchimp campaign is sent. I have it mostly set up, but i want to be sure this happens for just ones tagged with certain audiences, not ALL campaigns. I assume I need a filter. Which condition of Only continue if… should i be setting up?


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Action: Filter

You have to use a data point that indicates the desired Audience, which sometimes can be an ID, rather than a Name.

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Hello! When you send a new Mailchimp campaign, you’ll send the tags through to Zapier, so you’re exactly right - you need a filter. 

And to Troy’s point you will need to set it up so your zap filters out these values 


Thanks for the help y’all. If the tag in Mailchimp is in fact a group within an audience, can you help me to set up my filter?

?id=121165&group_id=1155 with ID as the audience, and group ID as the tag.


Thank you for the assistance so far!

This is very similar to the problem described here, which is not solved imo. after selecting a condition of an audience ID, you still need to be able to create a condition of group ID, and these are not an option



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Hi @smr! It looks like we were able to get back to you on the issue where the Zap wasn’t letting you choose groups - did that help solve the trouble that you were having? And do you need any more help setting up the filter step of the Zap?