MailChimp checkboxes to Salesforce checkboxes

  • 9 November 2021
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I am integrating MailChimp with Salesforce and have a multiselect checkbox list in MailChimp that I need to be connected to a series of checkboxes in Salesforce as opposed to a multiselect picklist.  Is this possible?  Is there a way to separate the choice from MailChimp to be able to connect them to the Salesforce fields?  Can I use Formatter for this?  

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3 replies

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Hi @Start Early 

Try using Formatter > Utilities to handle the line items:

The advanced approach would be to use a Code step:

@Troy Tessalone , I’m trying to follow these directions, but I’m not sure how exactly this works.  The information from MailChimp comes through as a string A, B, C… when multiple options are selected.  If value A is found, then I want Field 1 to be “TRUE”.  How do I assign the results to be able to make the Salesforce field as TRUE as opposed to Value A?

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@Start Early

Most robust way would be to use 1 Code step, because the results returned from Mailchimp could vary.

For example, it could return A,B,C or A,B or B,A, etc.

The general idea with the Code step logic would be to take the inputs, split the inputs, loop over each and check against logic to determine if it exists, and if it does exist, then to set it’s values as TRUE.