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Linking EZ Texting to Sierra -- no email/name/password provided



We’re trying to link our EZ Texting account with Sierra Interactive with Zapier, but because EZ Texting only provides a mobile number, it’s not able to perform the applicable selected task, Create a New Lead, as to create a new lead a first name, last name, and email address are required.


Anyone experienced this issue before? Any ideas for a solution?


Thanks for your help.


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 27 July 2022, 01:20

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@Spencer Hsu 

I wouldn’t say it’s an issue for either app.

FYI: Many CRM apps are based on email addresses as the unique key for a contact.


Sierra Interactive has required fields in order to create a Lead.

Their Zap app triggers/actions are build using their API:



If the EZ Texting triggers are only providing phone number, then you’ll need to figure out a way to either lookup the required fields for a given phone number somewhere else (e.g. in a GSheet, Airtable Base, CRM, API, etc.) or previously collect those data points before using EZ Texting (e.g. via an opt-in form).


Hi @Troy Tessalone,


We’ve tried to use both “New Inbound Text” and “New Keyword Opt-in” -- both require an email/names once we get to Sierra setup (Step 2).


The issue arises in Step 2, Create Lead in Sierra Interactive --> “Set Up Action.”


The only details we’re collecting through EZ Texting are phone numbers. To be stored as new contacts in Sierra.


Maybe this is a Sierra issue?



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Hi @Spencer Hsu ,

Just passing by to check if you were able to look into what @Troy Tessalone sent and find a solution for your Zap? 

Let us know if this helps in pointing you in the right direction! 

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Hi @Spencer Hsu 

Good question.

Which EZ Texting Zap trigger are you trying to use?

Where are the details for your stored? (e.g. in a GSheet, etc.)