Lexoffice “Unable to upload file: The file type is not supported” error

  • 23 November 2021
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I'm using your "Email by Zapier" app with trigger of new inbound mail in combination with lexoffice.
Normally everything works fine, but if a pdf file is named with a blank space the zap won't be processed cause of "Unable to upload file: The file type is not supported." from lexoffice.

Anybody knowing this problem and knows how to handle it?

I can’t change the pdf name, cause this are incoming invoices from companys.

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2 replies

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Hey @Qhiliqq ,


I can suggest a solution to handle space, Use Formatter by Zapier


Formatter by Zapier → Text → Replace 


Replace space with some other charcter like  (Underscore)

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Hi @Qhiliqq 

Check out this related topic:


I can't upload files to LexOffice

If you see the error "Unable to upload file: Check the input", it may be because the file type is not supported (only PDF, PNG and JPG are supported), or because it is missing the extension (.pdf, .png, or .jpg) or because the file exceeds 2MB in size.