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Issue with Google Forms and Google Calendar event - some attendees receive a cancellation

  • 23 September 2020
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Using several simple Zaps where a filled Google Form ends up in a Google Sheet and this row is used to add an attendee to a Google Calendar event. Unfortunately without changing anything some users (randomly) receive a cancellation of the event. Any ideas what goes wrong or what different settings I need to apply?

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Best answer by Danvers 25 September 2020, 16:25

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@dgiesen -

Personal feelings: I don’t love Google Forms for forms, nor Google Calendar for events. What types of events are these? There might be a more stable (and still free or extremely low-cost) way to skin the cat, with you still getting Google Calendar notifications.

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@dgiesen I can’t find any notes or bugs relating to users having a meeting cancelled with the Google Calendar integration. Are you using the Add Attendee/s to Event action, or are you updating the event to add the new invitee/s? If you’re updating the event, don’t forget that you’ll need the list of existing attendees in the attendee field in addition to the person that you’re trying to add. 


If you are using the Add Attendee/s to Event action, then I would start by double checking that the notifications that the even has been cancelled line up with times that the Zap has been triggered (you can find out when the Zap ran in the task history for the Zap). If the attendees are receiving cancellation notices at times that don’t line up with the Zap then something else may be at play. 

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@Danvers thanks! I’m using the Add Attendee/s to Event action. Zap triggers are higher than the cancellations received. What I’m going to change is when the Zap is triggered. It is now on every time a row is added or changed in the Google Form and I’ll change that to when a row is added only.

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@dgiesen Hmm, if the cancellations received aren’t as frequent as the Zap is triggered then we at least know that the Zap action is working as it should. It does leave a bit of a mystery as to what is happening. 

If changing the trigger works, do let us know! If it doesn’t then you may need to get in touch with the Support Team with some examples of when attendees have received cancellation notices to see if there’s a connection. The best way to contact the Support Team is with the Get Help form.