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Is this possible: Spreadsheet update to Search MYSQL to Email

  • 14 July 2022
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I am familair with MYSQL queries and also familiar with zapier tasks when a spreadsheet updates.


Wondering if this is possible:


When our recieved inventory spreadsheet has a new row the zap would:

  1. Search for the item name in our MYSQL order database
  2. Return all the matches from the MYSQL DB (only customer name, email, telephone, state)
  3. email us the results

I think it’s possible. Just haven’t really run a query in zapier. I usually run them in phpmyadmin


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3 replies

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Hi @IcarusZaps!

It is possible to run a query in MySQL using Zapier BUT the big caveat is that it will only return one row as opposed to all rows that match the query. So in this use case, I’m not sure that Zapier will be able to help you. 


As discussed in this post: 

We do have a feature request open for the ability to return multiple rows on a MySQL query. I’ve added you as an interested user on that feature request so that if the team adds that in, we’ll send you an email (we’ll also update the thread above).


Sorry that I don’t have better news for you on that one!

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Thank you! 

Yes, that is a bummer that only 1 row would be returned.

Thank you anyway

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Hi @IcarusZaps we can help you building this out!
I sent you a PM.