Is there any way to continue a zap where a step fails, and pull the information it found?

  • 17 December 2021
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This is very specific, but there is no employee ID look-up for Quickbooks Online.

I have found that when creating a “New Time Activity” the Zap step CAN see the employee ID that is hidden in the QBO UI when you select an employee name from a dropdown.

My goal is to use the “custom” tab and enter a variable that contains the Full Name, read the Employee ID reference, then pull that Employee ID reference into the “real” New Time Activity and populate the Employee Name field with that value. The Zapier “Employee Name” field takes a name, however the QBO portion will fail unless it is the Employee # found below said name. 

Is there any way to run a step “halfway” then continue and use that data in another step?

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4 replies

For additional clarity, the Emp ID you can put into the QBO UI does not associate with Zapier at all, Zapier pulls some other hidden # (order they were created?)



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Hi @Walker95 


The ID you see here is the internal QBO Employee ID.

If you try to dynamically map a data point to this field using the ‘custom’ option, then it will expect the internal QBO ID.


This is different than the Employee ID you are manually setting here.


The QBO Zap app integration has these available Find actions which can return data points about the found record. (if applicable)


Otherwise you’ll need to maintain some sort of Lookup Table to use in the Zap.


Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table:

GSheet - Lookup Row

Airtable - Find Record

Thank you @Troy Tessalone for the quick response!

Zapier can clearly pull the internal QBO ID for all of the employees (as it populates the entire dropdown), is there any way I can do the same with Zapier since there is no “Find Employee” step? Ideally we will use the employee name in our software that matches QBO’s display name → use that to pull the ID for that specific user → Use that ID for X step in the Quickbooks Zap. 

Or if you happen to know, how does Zapier pull that internal number? 

Thank you

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Is there any way I can do the same with Zapier since there is no “Find Employee” step?

You’d have to use the QBO API to Query an Employee:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app as an action step: