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Is there a way to upload a Zoom meeting recording to YouTube?

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It's a good question @Brandi

Most apps manage their own integrations these days, so it might be worth reaching out to Zoom to let them know you'd really like this to be included. It might also be a good idea to write Zapier as well as they lobby apps on users behalf for much-requested features. You can open a ticket here:

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Hey there!

Unfortunately I had already tried the Share URL in the "Video" field and this is what it keeps returning (note that I've covered over the Title and Description fields here for privacy purposes but those are correctly filled in, so they're not what's causing the issue.

This seems like one of the most basic Zaps—why is there no way to take a Zoom recording and upload it to YouTube? That's not actually a question for you; it's rhetorical. I'm just so bummed!

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Hi @Brandi


Have you tried mapping the Zoom share URL in the Youtube field where it asks for a file?

I ask, because if that link is a direct video file, Zapier will be smart enough to download the video and upload to Youtube.

If you get any sort of error, it means it's not a direct video file link (and I think it won't be sadly), meaning your workaround wouldn't work either and you won't be able to do this.