Is it possible to send different customised emails without using Paths?

Hello,I do professional training, and my goal is to automate my lead reception and then send an automatic email depending on the training chosen. I have 10 formations.So at first I extract the leads on my sheets (something I manage to do) but I can't automate the sending of personalized emails according to the training chosen. is it possible to automate the sending of mail without using the path function and to do it in the same ZAP?

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Welcome to the Community, @Bel!

What a great question! If you want to avoid using Paths but still be able to handle this within a single Zap then I think you could potentially use a lookup table for this. Instead of using a Formatter by Zapier action to create the lookup table I think you’d want to use different app like Google Sheets to maintain the lookup table. That way you can more easily view and edit the text for each message. 

I’m thinking the lookup table would contain a list of the possible training options that might be chosen and the corresponding middle part of the message you want to send. Then in the Zap, on the action that sends the message, you can have the start and end of the message the same for all emails but personalise the start of the message with the persons name. And for the middle part of the message you’d select the custom message that’s output by the Google Sheets action.

You can find out more about how to set up a lookup table with Google Sheets here:

How does that approach sound? If you give that a try and run into any issues just let us know, always happy to help further! 🙂



Merci pour la réponse, mais j’ai un peu de mal à comprendre la procedure, mon mail est le meme pr tout le monde, seul le lien drive comportant la pièce jointe change. Comment faire svp ?

Good morning, Thank you for the answer, but I'm having a little trouble understanding the procedure, my email is the same for everyone, only the drive link with the attachment changes. How to do please?

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Hi there @Bel,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

To add a few things from SamB’s suggestion. Here's a general outline of how you might set up your Zap:

  1. Trigger: Google Sheets - New Spreadsheet Row
  2. Action: Formatter by Zapier - Lookup Table
  3. Action: Gmail - Send Email

In the Lookup Table action, you would set up a table that maps each of your 10 trainings to a specific email template. The input would be the training chosen (pulled from the Google Sheets row), and the output would be the corresponding email template.

Then, in the Send Email action, you would use the output from the Lookup Table action as the body of the email. This way, each lead would receive a personalized email based on the training they chose.

Here's how you might set up the Lookup Table:

(view larger)

Please note that this is only a rough draft of your workflow. You might want to reach out to our certified Zapier Experts to help you set this up and streamline your workflow. You can reach out to our Zapier Experts here:

Hopefully, this helps! 😊