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Invalid Time Value - When Trying to Add New Zoom Meetings to Row in Google Sheet

  • 11 March 2021
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I have been trying to create a zap that triggers when I add a meeting to my zoom account to create a row in a google sheet.  I only get as far as the first three steps.  I add my zoom account.  Choose zoom meeting.  And then try to test the trigger.  I get an error message that said A NEW MEETING COULD NOT BE FOUND and then “Invalid Time Value”.  I tried the troubleshoot button but nothing helps.  I have attached a picture. 

I just tested it by changing the trigger from “new meeting” to “new webinar” and that one seems to trigger fine.  It is just an issue with the meeting side.



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4 replies

Additional info … I switched the trigger from “Zoom Meeting” to Zoom Webinar and it no longer errors.  Of course I need to add meetings.  But I hope this helps someone help me?????

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Hi @BrendaCQ!

Are you able to add some sort of dummy meeting in Zoom that could be picked up by the trigger in your Zap? Maybe you don’t have any upcoming ones. You could also try skipping the step to see if some sample data is provided that you could use, in order to map fields in later steps.

Hi I have bunches of upcoming meetings that should have triggered but I created some dummy ones thinking the same thing you did. Nothing. Same error message.

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Hey everyone!

This error is related to a bug that’s being discussed in another thread. I’m closing this thread so that we can better track who is affected by this issue. 


If you would like to be added as an affected user for this issue, please reply on the other thread here: Invalid Time Value - Zoom to Google Calendar


Alternatively, you can use the Get Help form to contact our Support Team and ask them to add you as an affected user.