Integration with Harvest, Google Drive and Gmail

  • 21 March 2022
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I tried to set up a Zap with Gmail but I get “unsupported...” error messaging. I am a new Harvest User and Harvest Customer support told me to look here for the answers I need. I don't have a lot of un-billable time to spend searching for answers and testing zaps so I'm hoping someone here can help. 

Here is what I am looking to do

(1) set up a zap or other connector/app that will automatically track time spent on emails received from specified accounts so that when I open them a timer is set and ends when I send the reply.

(2) set up a zap or other add-in that will track time spent working in the Google Drive Folder for my project each day. The trigger would either be opening any Google Doc, Sheet, Form or Presentation in the specified Google Drive Folder or from the time I started editing it until the time I closed it.


Of course, this would need to be linked to my project in Harvest and the time submitted to the appropriate budget line.

Preferably with both of these there would be a pause button somewhere as well so I don't have to close and reopen the draft email or the Google Drive every time I need to take a break.

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Hi all! It looks like @Prospective Harvest User was able to reach our friends in support regarding this! I wanted to post their reply in case it’s helpful to anyone who may have stumbled on this.: 

In regards to the first point -- Our triggers for Gmail are polling triggers, so if you are on the starter plan it could take up to 15 min for us to identify a new email, we do not have any trigger for email opened, we would need to have a workaround using Gmail filters and triggering from new Label added to email. 

And this would work for any new email and reply, if there is a thread where you are replying more than once it would fail as well. 
In regards to the second point -- that's totally not possible, we do not have any trigger on opened doc, and neither a way to pause it. I believe it should have other apps that would work better in this sense.