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Integrating Smartsheet to Google Sheet used as a form

  • 8 December 2020
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I’m trying to set up a Zap where I add a new row to Smartsheet, then a new document is created from a Google sheet template and the information is added to particular cells. If I were sending an entire row over it would be easy, but my issue is that I want to keep Smartsheet set up as a row/column system, and essentially fill in a form I have created using Google sheet with that information. At the end of each project, that form gets printed and signed by our company and the client. So the google sheet (form) really needs to maintain a professional face. I can’t just print a long row of information. So for every row, i would have a corresponding google sheet that is easier to read than a single row of information.

I want to use Smartsheet because i can keep all of my projects organizes without flipping through the printed forms. Also Smartsheet allows me to set up date reminders so that I dont miss deadlines (which continues to happen when i just fill in the paper copy of the form.



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4 replies

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Please provide a screenshot of what the GSheet form looks like.

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GSheet looks like this. A little more below the screenshot cut off but essentially the same. I want my Project managers to be able to go into Smartsheet and enter the data in a single row per project and have the data populate this form. So new Smartsheet row = new form. So I’m looking for something (SS=smartsheet; GS=GoogleSheet) like SS column 1 populates GS B4, SS column 2 populates GS D4, SS column 3 populates GS B6, etc...


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You’d have to use a helper tab in the GSheets.

Data can only be sent as a row, not to individual cells.

Essentially, you’d send data as a full row to a (hidden) helper tab, always to Row 2.

Then in the GSheets you’d maps via reference formulas the data in the columns on the helper tab to the cells in the main tab.

It may not display as expected, so you could have to merge some cells in the main table and/or wrap some cell values, etc.


Here’s an article how to create a GDocs Template that may be worth trying:

Or you can look into creating and using a proper form creator that integrates with Zapier.


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Thank you! I’ll take a look! Even if this doesn’t workout, it gave me a backup idea!