I need a Toodledo task to be created whenever a task is assigned to me in Microsoft To Do.

  • 24 August 2022
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I'm trying to connect MS ToDo tasks that are Assigned to Me to my existing Toodledo account.  All I can find in the Zapier editor is connecting my MS ToDo tasks that I created to my ToodleDo.  I need the link to be between tasks that were assigned to me in ToDo and my ToodleDo account.

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3 replies

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Hi @ANeillie!

I’ve not used Zapier with MS ToDo, could you help me to understand what’s happening a little better? Is the New Task trigger triggering only for tasks that you created, or is it also triggering for tasks that were created by someone else and then assigned to you?

If it’s the second one, you’re getting tasks both that you created and that are assigned to you, then you can use a Filter step to tell Zapier to only continue and add the task to ToodleDo if the task is assigned to you. You can learn more about Filter steps in this help guide:


Thanks so much for trying to help me with this.

Unfortunately, it is not the second issue you mentioned.  It is the first issue you described.  Zapier had a zap for moving tasks I create from MS ToDo to Toodledo, but NOT one for tasks that are assigned to me - and that’s the whole reason I am trying to do this.  I’m part of a launch team that uses MS Planner inside teams (which automatically syncs to MS ToDo, so that sync is taken care of for me - anything they assign to me in Planner automatically shows up in ToDo).

So, MS ToDo sees the tasks they are giving me as “assigned to me tasks” as part of that project.  My personal workflow manager is ToodleDo, so I need the tasks that are assigned to me as part of this launch team to move from ToDo to Toodledo - using your language above, I need a ToodleDo task to be triggered whenever a task is assigned to me in ToDo.

Can that be done?  FYI - I’ve never used Zapier before, but saw how easy it was to create a zap with their existing trigger rules; I have no idea how to create a trigger rule if it doesn’t already exist inside the zap “warehouse.”

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Hmm, that’s frustrating. I wonder if there’s a way we can work around it? 

Do you get email notifications when a task is assigned to you in MS To Do? If so, you could set up a forwarding rule that forwards the email to Email Parser by Zapier. The Email Parser app can extract pieces of information from the email which you can use in a Find or Create Task step for Microsoft To Do. Once you have all the details of the task from the Find step, you could use that to create a task in Toodledo. 


The piece of this that’s tricky is making sure that the Email Parser pulls the correct information from the email as it’s not a perfect science. You can learn more about how it works in this help guide


Do you think that might work, @ANeillie?