I’m having trouble formatting an email into a specific way using the Email Parser

  • 2 December 2022
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Hello there, I’m currently trying to format an email into a specific way and send it to discord. I’ve seen people use email parser by zapier this task. Is this the only way to do it? Because I’m having some trouble with trying to test the trigger of the “New Email in Email Parser by Zapier.”

Any advice would be helpful.

2 replies

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Hi @Ridge T 


You might wanna try to do it with New Email trigger (depending which email service you are using) and then use a Code by Zapier step to format it in the way to want. 

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Hi again @Ridge T ! Hoping you could give us some more info as to Moh’s question above- you could try the New Email wiht your email service like Gmail. 


If you’re running into a specific area that is causing you trouble, you can always share a printscreen with us in the Community and we can dive deeper with you.