I have emails on a spreadsheet, how do I import them?

  • 26 October 2020
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I have a list of emails that need a invoice every month. Those emails change from month to month. So I need the zap to go to the sheet iterate through the emails, send an email with the invoice and then go to the next one. 


Anyone able to do this? 

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6 replies

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You’d need to create a loop Zap, and one way to accomplish that is using a combo of Webhooks, Filter, and Code apps.

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Any examples out there I can see/use? 

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Circling back here to make sure the above article @Wemakefuture shared regarding loops got you squared away!

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Not at all, it was confusing and not at all helpful. Remains unsolved. 

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Hi @ARCPC, let’s see if we can find another solution for you on this one. 


You said that you had the emails in a list, is that in a spreadsheet app Google sheet or Excel? If you have the emails already in a list, then one way you could do this would be to copy the emails from one sheet to another and then trigger a Zap from any new row created in the new sheet. 

For the step to create the invoice and send an email, that depends on what invoicing software you’re using - could you share a bit more about which apps you use at each stage? 

  • Where’s the list of emails kept each month?
  • What invoicing software do you use?
  • What email app do you use?