Hubspot Deals and extracting the contact information

  • 10 May 2021
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I have read a lot of the articles and I think the solutions are a bit complex for me. I am fairly new to this. 


We create contacts in Hubspot, then we add a deal, then we mark the deals closed won when the customer signs up. 


We then want to push out to Asana and Slack, information about the deal and the people involved. 


We can only seem to push out hubspot deal numbers, and ID’s that don't relate to any real information. We ideally want to get the 

Contact details of the customer (contact attached to the deal) and the sales person at our company who owned the deal. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


In the below we just get this number 


In this step we want the contact information of the deal / customer (contact) 

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4 replies

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Hi @mike999302!

Just to check I’ve understood this properly: the number that you’ve highlighted in the Slack message, is that coming from HubSpot? 


If so, it looks like the HubSpot step is sending the Owner ID rather than the Owner name. To find the Owner name you can use the HubSpot search Get Owner by ID this will search Hubspot and find the Owner based on the ID. 

The Get owner by ID step will need to be after the HubSpot trigger and before the Slack step. I hope that all makes sense 🙂

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Hi @mike999302 

Can you share screenshots of your trigger step? Hubspot trigger for New Deal should allow you to configure additional properties to retrieve. 



 Thank you for your replies. 


I have tried to add the owner id lookup and it is giving me an error. 




Hmmm, not sure I am doing this correctly? 

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?