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How would you Trap Task Status's?

  • 27 April 2020
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I have searched the community and the web for a solution to this, but have not found an answer. So I am here to see if the community can help point me in the right direction.  

I have several ZAPs that connect webhooks to CRMs and ticketing systems for clients. These are simple API integrations and have no error checking. This was done on purpose. 

When a ZAP fails, it shows in the ZAP history. I would like to use another ZAP to monitor those and should one be stopped with an error, then notify either me or my client with the payload from the webhook that triggered it. 

Now don't get me wrong. I know the why of the failure (possible duplicates). 

Let’s use SalesForce as an example. I have an instance where I can create LEADs. This works all well if each lead is new and unique. However, if a lead comes in that is similar in name or email address, that LEAD will fail to be created because sales force thinks there is a duplicate (even though it may not be). In the Task History, there is an error.

The Status is “Task Stopped” and the Status Reason is “Errored”. 

All I am looking for is a ZAP that monitors the Task History and lets me pull data from the task. 

I want to be able to let my client know with a notification (email) that this new lead failed in an automated fashion. 


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Hi @Jim Roysdon 

When you test it in the editor, you’ll always get that sample data - but running live you’ll get much more.

I have similar alerts setup:


I have tried to use that, and when I try to test the data, the only thing it pulls is a data from a “Sample” set. I used that and a GMAIL app to send it to my email, but it does not seem to be pulling data from failed ZAPs. 

As stated, I know the root cause and can force it to fail. I tried doing that and immediate refreshing the “error” data and still only get the sample. What I would like to able to do is to use the ZAP manager to open the task, get the original payload (data out, in the task), and examine it and parse through to send an email to the client to let them know the issue and correct it. 

If for example, I have a client who is using SalesForce and we are successfully creating leads in his CRM, great. But after a month, the ZAP starts failing due to a change in his system (someone turned the duplicate check enforcement flag on), we would like to let the client know. We would also like them to still get the leads in a “raw” form so they can be keyed in manually until the system is fixed. 


Can Zapier Manger do that? Can it examine the Task and get that info? Or is there another APP that might?

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Hi @Jim Roysdon!

I think this is your best bet (


You can create a Zap using the Zapier Manager app and then use the Zap Turned Off and/or the New Zap Error trigger, then add an action to send a notification. Hope that helps!