How to use email from submitted Google Form to send a confirmation email via Drip

  • 22 September 2022
  • 3 replies

I need to make Drip send an automated email each time there is a new Google Form submission. I need Drip to extract emails of people who submitted and use it to send confirmation email. Don’t really know how to do it and if this is even possible.

3 replies

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Hi @vzbrv 

Good question.


Try these Zap steps

  1. Trigger: GForms - New Form Response
  2. Action: Drip - Create/Update Subscriber



Zap Basics:


I can't see my Google Form spreadsheet in the dropdown

Google Form responses need to be saved to a Google Sheet in order to work with Zapier.

To resolve this, you'll want to adjust where you save your Google Form responses using this guide and ensure they're saved in a Google Sheet.

The Google Sheet will then become selectable in the dropdown when setting up your Zap.


Thanks for the answer! I tried to use Action - Trigger Event - Assign a Tag

but unfortunately the email is sent not to the all people who submit the form for some unknown reason..

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The settings to send the email likely need to be configured in Drip.