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How to use all MeisterTask project ID's

  • 29 June 2020
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Hello, is there any way to have all custom ID’s from my Meister Task account at the moment i can only one to use in free Zapier plan? Please check photo


Best answer by PaulKortman 6 August 2020, 19:09

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3 replies

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Hi @Bosko


I’m not sure if the limit here is the free Zapier plan, I think it might be a limitation on how the Meister Task zapier integration is built. Meaning it looks like they only have one area to select a custom field and give it a value. Perhaps reaching out to the Meister Task team would provide more assistance, as if the integration from Meister Task doesn’t allow for multiple custom fields then there’s nothing you or I can do about it. 

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Hello Paul, many thanks for your replay and my apologies for very late response. I contact MaisterTask team them and ask if they can help and allow you to use all custom fields from project in MeisterTask currently you can use only one as you explained to me, i’ll let you know what they say to me. Also, i have a new problem at the moment, i made a connection with Smartsheet to MeisterTask with Zapier, when someone add new row in smartsheet it automatically made new task in Meister but for some reason, i don’t receive attachments from new smartsheet row and can’t find any way to fix it. I need to have connection from smartsheet to meister and if any new row added in smartsheet have attachments i need that to be added as well in a new task in Meister. Please let me know if you can help me with this. Thank you.


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@Bosko I’d recommend starting a new thread on the MeisterTask Attachment issue here in the forum. Feel free to mention me, but I want to be sure people know the question is no longer about project IDs, and I would recommend putting screenshots of your zap setup so we know what is going on. For example in the sample data from Smartsheet does it show the “attachment” (It’ll typically say File Exists but not shown) and then show the field in the MeisterTask step of the Zap where you want to attach the file.