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How to Update / Delete events from Google Calendar based on Google Sheet?

  • 1 September 2022
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Hello All,

I have a google sheet with dates and titles, I need to create events on google calendar based on the title and date of the input.

My Sheet looks like this:


My goal

To sync inputs of google sheet with google calendar and create calendar events based on the dates on the sheet.


I have succeeded on doing the following:

  • Create a new event if the “Project/Talent” columns is not empty.
  • Create event on the date and time in “Publish Date” and “Publish time
    • I have created a row with the following formula in order to have both date and time in a single row, I hid this col and pointed Zapier to get the date/time of the event out of this col.
      =A2 + B2


However, I face the following issues:

  • When I edit an entry, it will be considered as a new event and I’ll have duplicated calendar events on the same date.
  • Deleting and entry wont delete the event from the calendar.

PS: I’m trying to make the Google Sheet very simple and user friendly as it shared between all the team members and the producer / manager has to enter the time, title, and platform.


I wonder if anyone can help me out on solving those issues.



Thanks in advance



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Hey there @iSoloGHM - sounds like you’re really close! 


To solve the problem of editing an entry and duplicate calendar invites, I’d suggest switching to “Find” Action step in Google Calendar. Once in there, you’ll see that if the Zap can’t find the event based on the specified list, it’ll create a new event- no more duplicates! 



For deleting events, you can do this with a Filter Step, however, I’d warn you that the better path here if you choose to do so is to delete contents of a row, not delete the row entirely- that can cause the Zap to go a bit into chaos. 


Let me know if either of those help, or if you need some more info in order to get your Zap where you want it to be :)