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How to solve error"Dates cannot be more than a month in the future"

  • 16 November 2020
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 I have kiss flow process and i created a zaps for delay days. When i run my zaps an error is appearing  "Dates cannot be more than a month in the future" i need to schedule my zaps more than a month. please provide solution, i have taken the delay days from kiss flow process. Thank you


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5 replies

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Hi there! 

Unfortunately, the delay feature in Zapier is limited to 1 month max. The best workaround I’ve found is to have Zapier create an event in Google Calendar using the date/time you want to delay to with the description of the event containing all the necessary information you would need from the trigger. 


Then a second zap would trigger on an “Event Start” in Google Calendar.


Hope that helps! Let me know if you need more details or another workaround. 



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Can you explain how can i do it. 

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Sure, this work around works well as like as you title the events in a way that makes them unique or if you put them on a new calendar just for Zapier. Wouldn’t want it triggering on your daily events. 


In the first Zap, you will set up a flow to trigger on your Kiss Flow set up with the date you want to delay until. and it will just have one action. Either to create a detailed event in Google Calendar or to quick add an event. It just depends on how much detail you need to move forward. I would use the detailed event if you need to pass forward a lot of information from the Kiss Flow trigger and I would try to set it up the description so the information is easy to parse out into individual fields. If you give me more details about your trigger, I’d be happy to tailer the workaround to your needs a bit more. 

Note from above, If you don’t put a time the date will default to midnight on the specified day. 


You would next set up a zap to trigger on either “New Event” or “New Event Matching Search”. Both should work it just depends how selective you want to be. If you name the “events” consistent by preceding the event name with Zapier or something that’s easily searchable that would be best. 

Here you can see that Zapier found our test data and from here, we can set up multiple formatters to extract the data back out of the description. Can be done very easily in a code block. But using formatters it is also possible. If you can give me more info about your trigger step and the info you need from there I can tailer it a bit more and help you out. 


Hope that helps! 



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Thanks for your reply,

i am using an integration in zapier for kissflow webhook operation. i am using this zaps for employee evaluation. if an employee is joining in my company and the employee have evaluation after 3 months in current scenario it will go to webhook option in kissflow and it will delay by using zapier. i am using the zapier workflow is Trigger=> Change the workflow in Kissflow => delay untill ( the date is taken from the field in kissflow) => then when the date is reached the procecss will continue. but the delay until is showing an error becuse i need to push the day for 90 days based on the date taken from the field in kissflow. 


how i can able to overcome this error for delay 3 months. please advise with a work around solution. thank you




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Hi in the above screenshot, is that the date you would delay to? or do you need to add 3 months to it? Do you need to move any information from Kissflow forward other than the employee name? 

The above workaround solution will work for you, but I would recommend using the google calendar “Quick add event” as it is easier to work with. Here is how it would work:


Trigger: Change the workflow in Kissflow

Action:  Quick add event in Google Calendar to create and event. It would look something like the below where you would pass in the date and a time for the event to run. I’m assuming you are getting the employee name back from kiss flow and have denoted in {} where you would insert info from Kissflow


Trigger: Event Start in Google Calendar. Connect it to the same calendar and put In the search term used to create the event so in this instance “Employee Evaluation”. Zapier will watch your Google Calendar for any event that matches the search term and run 15 minutes before the start of the “event”

Action(s): Continue on with the rest of the flow you would have built in your original after the delay.