How to setup region specific leads for agents

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@GetUWired @christina.d 

Guy's it worked out great, thank you so much.


My next challenge now is to make it possible for agent to tell me wich region leads they want to receive. I will start with province. In the Netherlands we only have 12 so I think making 12 copy's of the zap and filtering on province should do it right?


The next step is to make it possible for agents to select different city's. The agents in my case are transport companies so in the future I want to make it possible for agent A to receive leads from:

City A to City B

City G to City P


Is there a easier way then to make hunders of zaps copy and filter on city?

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The way I’d approach this is by using Airtable (if you’re not familiar it’s sort of a cross between a database and a spreadsheet) and let it do a lot of the work for you.

Here you can see that I have a table for agents, linking to a location in a different table (which pulls in the email address of the agents). Then I have a Leads table that uses the location to pull in the email addresses.


Then in a Zap I can trigger on new records being added to this Airtable and then use the email addresses in my email app (in this case Gmail):



Might something like this work in your case? Then the last part would be modifying the agent records to add or remove cities/provinces.

You’d mentioned creating 12 need for that :) As you can see above, you can automatically pull in the relevant email addresses when a lead has a specific location chosen.

How do your leads come to you at the moment?

Man guy’s you are so helpfull. @nicksimard this is a great method to get it done. But honestly I don’t even know where to start. 


Right now the form entry comes trough Formidable Forms (on a wordpress site). I’m using a Sendinblue account to send the mails to the agents. The agents are being selected now trough a loop with Storage and Format functions of Zapier and in between the leads that are send are being added in per row to whomever receives them in a Google Spreadsheet. 


I want agents to be able to select from where to where they can do transports so I can send them the right leads:

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In the screenshot you see the Regions but the Regions can be expanded and then City’s can me turned on or off.

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Hey @adaptoo!

Thanks for the extra information. Hmmm...lotta moving pieces to this one. 

In order to determine who gets the lead, do they have to match BOTH the origin and destination?

So, if the form comes in and the person has chosen a route that matches this…

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… then they’d be sent the lead. Is that right? What is the app in the screenshot above?

Hi @nicksimard thats right! 


A transport agent can choose loading locations and unloading locations (they will communicate this by phone or form or mail and I need to configure it manually). If the lead matches the route it should be send to 5 matching agents not randomly but by order or some kind of way to evenly distribute leads to 5 agents at the time. 


The app above is just a screenshot from a competitor that has build a whole agent user environment so that the agents can select the routes themselves.

Im going to start with a Airtable course soon so hopefully i’ll get this done fast! Thanks so much for thinking with me.