How to send letter via Gmail with details from amoCRM

  • 16 December 2021
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Please help with the solution of such a problem

When you create a new contact in Amocrm (previously registered) and indicate in it the NAME and WORKING E-MAIL, a letter with the following content should be sent to the created mail in Gmail:

Sender: Box registered in the first step

Subject: New contact + (transfer to the subject of the contact's email from AMOcrm), for example: New contact

Text of the letter: A new contact has been created. His name: + (transfer the name from AMOcrm), his email: + (transfer the email from AMOcrm)

2 replies

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Hi @Cross 

Please post screenshots with how each Zap step is configured.

Are you getting errors when testing a Zap step?

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I made a trigger like this


                                                                     and the action like this


but it doesn't work, what am I doing wrong? Or should this system work with Google Sheets?