How to save PDFs from FastField Forms into specific folder in Box?

  • 2 November 2021
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I have created a zap that creates a folder on a Box account and I created another that saves a text file on Box. What I'd really like to do is save the PDF and photos saved by Fast Field Forms and saved them to Box in a specific folder.

I asked this over a year ago and got a response.  I’m trying to follow those same steps now, but I think I’m missing something.  Here is the old link:



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5 replies

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Hi @KMB 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

Are you encountering errors?

Check your Zap Runs if testing with the Zap ON:

Sorry, that would have been helpful if I didn’t just assume you knew everything I see in front of me…  I really didn’t give much info at al, so I thank you for jumping in on this.

As per that previous response, I created the Zap trigger for FastField Forms and created the folder and this works.  They said “"Use a Custom Value" option from the bottom of the drop-down list. That will allow you to insert the "Folder ID" field from step 2 to dynamically upload files to the folder you just created.”

This is where I feel like something changed or I just have it fouled up.  It wants a folder so I selected the “Create Folder in Box” from the drop down and select the Name, assuming that this is where I will save it,

Then it wants the file name, so I select “New Formfields submission and it’s at this point I don’t know what to select.  I chose the submission ID, but I don’t know what the actual file name is.


When I review the zap history, the error says “The app returned “not found”.  Is there even a file on FastField forms before it is saved/downloaded?


The bottom line is we want the PDF and Files submitted for a certain form to go to a certain folder on Box.



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Couple issues here…


The Folder field expects the internal Box Folder ID, not the name from the previous step.

You can see the expected value by looking at the options in the dropdown list and notice the smaller gray value underneath the friendly name.


The File field expects a file object or a file url, not an ID.

Check this help article for using files in Zaps:


Thanks,  The folder ID helped and it stores a txt file in that location with whatever field I select.  I don’t know how to tell it I want the PDF and Media saved by the FastFields form, or a Zip of what was submitted.


I guess I am struggling knowing what to enter for that.  I’m thinking that FastField forms even saves a file automatically which means this is pointless.



Okay, here is where I’m at now.  I have a zap that is triggered by a form submission.  My form is saved as a zip file on a Box inbox folder.  Now I want to copy or move that zip to a folder with the same name as the file.  My Zap creates the folder, and I have the filename, but I don’t know how to specify the Box inbox folder within the file path.


Also, the zip file make take 5 minutes to appear on Box.  I imagine the zap will look for the file too early, not find it, and this will fail.