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How to post the Facebook post user's name to X

  • 11 November 2021
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I’m trying to log Facebook posts to a company page as an individual constituent interaction (in this case, to Bloomerang). When I look for fields to transfer to, it only gives me the list of Bloomerang constituents (contacts). This would log ALL interactions from every Facebook user to a single Bloomerang contact.  

How can I make the Zap smart enough to find the (Bloomerang) constituent for that Facebook user’s post on our page, and log the interaction to that individual contact?


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4 replies

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@jkirkwood001 so only you or other admins can post to your facebook page. Are you speaking of comments on your posts?

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Thanks @AppGuyAaron . Hmm, anyone can post to my corporate page.

I want to record any post on my - or, eventually, my client’s - Facebook page (I’m consulting for them), but I want the interaction to be recorded under that donor / constituent’s record in Bloomerang. Effectively, a Facebook listener.  

I’m not sure how this can be automated - can Zapier take the user’s Facebook ID and check for a corresponding entry in the Bloomerang Facebook ID field? and, if found, add an interaction for that user? if not, add a constituent record to Bloomerang as a potential donor. Make sense?

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Hmm. Okay - well lets see. 


Faceboo Pages integration has a trigger for “New Post to Timeline” so that should be able to catch the post itself and the Facebook ID of the person who posted. 


Bloomerang has a “Find Constituent” action - so you should be able to look up something in Bloomerang. (Not sure however without being in there if one of the items it will send back to you is the Facebook ID field). 

If it is - then you are in luck. 


Facebook trigger

Lookup customer based on Facebook ID

Record Comment (Update Constituent)

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Thanks, @AppGuyAaron , I’ve only dabbled in multi-step Zaps, but I’m pretty sure I can figure it out - thanks!