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How to get ALL rows from Zapier Table?

How to get all rows from Zapier Table?

I’m exploring switching from Google Sheets to Zapier Tables as a temp storage option. I’m loving the concept but I can’t figure out how to fetch ALL rows in the table for downstream processing. Any tips on using search field/value to get all items?

For the curious I’m collecting Confluence page changes via RSS and logging title, URL, and date to temp storage. Every Friday I filter by date and count dupes in the list using Code, format the items via Formatter, and Slack that formatted list to various channels as a weekly roll-up.

I tried Digest but found tracking what items were in the list and what was considered already sent difficult to debug. Google Sheets is working but it feels fragile.


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Hi @Shawn Oster!

Have you tried this action:


Keep in mind that this will produce line items, so you’ll have to consider whether you can use the data in that format for your subsequent steps. 

If you can specify the exact steps you’ll be using in the Zap after you fetch all the records from the Table, that will help us come up with a workaround, if need be :) 

Hey Nick!

Great minds, that’s the exact action I’m stuck on. Specifically the required Lookup Field and Lookup Value. I’d like all records instead of a subset, mostly because I don’t have a consistent search field.

Required action values, Lookup Field and Lookup Value


Typing this out I see one workaround would be to add a Table Field with a hardcoded value, maybe a simple Boolean, that I can use as “dummy” search. A bit hack-tastic so if there’s a cleaner way I’d prefer that.

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Hi @Shawn Oster!

I’ve played with the Find Records action before, and I know that it will only find exact matches so a hardcoded field is your best bet for pulling all the values in a table. My other suggestion would be Storage by Zapier. It’s similar to Digest in that it offers a way to store information, but it’s more robust in terms of data structure for example, it allows you to store child values under parent values. 

It’s less user-friendly in terms of the interface (there’s no way to see the data like you can with tables) but it’s worth a look in case it suits your use-case better. 

​I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks for taking a look and confirming I can stop beating my head against that particular wall.

I went with over-engineering it a bit with a “Week Number” field then calculating the week of the year with a Code action and writing that out. When I build my roll-up I again calculate the week number and select on that.

It worked out slightly since I now have historical data vs. doing a weekly table wipe or creating a table per week.

Thanks a million!

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Ah, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your end solution with the community. 

Glad you were able to get this sorted with some outside help. We love to hear it. 🤗