How to Create New Google Folder when new row is added and upload files to Google Folder

  • 12 January 2021
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I am fairly new to Zapier. I was able to make some very basic zaps. I am needing assistance with a zap. I want to trigger a zap (when a new employee submits onboarding documents a folder is created in google drive for that specific employee). Is this possible?  If anyone has a video that walks through these steps or can point me in the right direction that would be great. Thank you in advance for your help.



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6 replies

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That’s absolutely possible!

What is your trigger? An email, new line in Google Sheets?

The complexity of the Zap also depends on how many documents will be uploaded. 

If it’s just one document, you will use as first step after trigger the “Create Folder” Action followed by the “Upload File” from the Google Drive Integration.

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

Yes I do need assistance.

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@SlomoJazz No problems! How have you got following @MarijnVerdult’s advice?

I have multiple files to up load. This is where I am having difficulty. 

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@SlomoJazz can you send us a screenshot or a of your Zap so we can get a better idea?