How to create a Zap that adds phone numbers and emails from Google Contacts to Follow Up Boss regardless of type?

  • 14 August 2023
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I am trying to send NEW google Contacts or Updated info on contacts to Follow Up boss- but follow up boss isn’t fully relevant here. 

When I add a google contact from my desktop it always has type- so mobile is usually the default- that’s fine. BUT when I add from my iphone it is undefined - this presents an issue creating a zap for phone number or email when the types are always different. I can’t seem to figure out how to make sure the zap just ADDS A PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL Period! 

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6 replies

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Hi @Ranilynch11 

Good question.

We would need to see example screenshots of the DATA OUT from GContacts for the different use cases to have enough context to be able to evaluate and advise.

Here I am showing how this contact has data in the phone number undefined- that auto happens in google contacts when I add a contact in my computer to the default contacts being my gmail account- But I also add contacts on my computer and it puts the label  undefined if I don’t specify a label. 


Basically I am asking do I have to do 2 different zaps so that multiple fields are looked for…. You can see here that the cellphone adding defaulting the email to Home- that doesn’t happen if I had the contact in my cellphone- it makes it Undefined. (no label) 


Here is the google contact I added using my computer.  

Here is the google contact I entered using my iphone- see how the email label is now undefined. How do I have zapier check both fields. 


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Try mapping the other Email fields here so that if 1 email field doesn’t have a value but another one does, then there will still be an email value for the field.


it works for emails but will not work for phone numbers to follow up boss. not sure about other programs but it makes it a string - so if only 1 phone number is stored it still marks it as a bad number.. When entering into cellphone it defines as mobile- when entering on computer if I don’t define it as mobile it goes as undefined so I guess I have to create 2 zaps with this field being an option. 

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We would need to see screenshots of the DATA OUT from the GContacts Zap trigger for the different cases.