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How to convert list of selected items to boolean field value for Salesforce?

  • 6 December 2021
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I feel like this should be really easy to do with all of the Zapier formatting functions, but I’m just not getting it and I’m stuck.

The source system has a set of ‘add-ons’ that the user may or may not choose (i.e. camp stove, bear spray, chairs, etc.).

The data is only included in the connector if the customer selects it, and each are passed as an “item”.  So if the customer selects 12 Add-ons, we get 12 ‘items’, if they choose 2, we get 2 etc.   Each add on has a unique id and a name.  

If the user chooses an add-on item, I want to map that to a Boolean field in Salesforce.  So in the example below, since the user chose Bear Spray, I want to mark the corresponding Bear Spray check box field to True in Salesforce.  

Any direction is appreciated.


The data looks like this:



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Hi @ZinZap 

How many add-on items are there max?


You’d likely have to use a custom Code step to handle this parsing and prep logic:

Concept would be to use the Code step to determine which add-on items exist, then output those as individual data points with true/false values.

Then you can map each of the individual data point variables to their field in Salesforce.

@Troy Tessalone 

Right now...(always subject to change) there are 20 possible Add-Ons.

Thank you for the direction.  I’m glad it wasn’t a simple solution that I wasn’t understanding, but bummed it is code. I’ll grab one of our devs and point them to the code help link.


Appreciate it!