How to combine text with an image and generate a usable file or URL using Zapier?

  • 23 February 2024
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For the usecase of combine a text with an Image, what would be your solution?


At the end I would like to get an image file with the defined text on it to use it for more action steps.

Means I need a direct file to send or a public url to use for the next step.


Thanks for your help and ideas.



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7 replies

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Hi @fabian234 

One such app is Bannerbear:

@Troy Tessalone Thanks for the quick reply. Are there any free ways to do it. Or a workaround you can recommend? ​

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Try using GSlides:


That works pretty well. I have tried it out. I was able to use it until the finished slide. From then on, I get an error message because the link to the URL of the slide is not public. Is there any way to send the original file to another task or create a public URL for the slide?

I would like to send the created file to Buffer to share on social media.

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You may need to adjust the GSlides File Sharing Preferences to make it public using a GDrive step.


Make sure to use the proper link when sending to other action steps.


For us to have more context, we would need to see screenshots with how your steps are outlined and configured.

Hey @Troy Tessalone it worked with this extra step. Thanks for your help.

Quick side note for other readers:

Under the “Add File Sharing Preference” there is a field for the “File ID”, there you have to choose COSTUME as the “standard” selection doen’t have the option to choos from the previus steps.

In the post to XY step you can work with the Link option: ID/export/png or ID/export/png

Quick Update, there is a direct way to get a public slide. In the Slide Task is a field Is Shared this has to be TRUE.


Sometimes it can be so simple, if I can read :-P